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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
GO TV x-ray suggestion for flashes and grenades!
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1416 Open Bots Defect Low, Wishlist 2013-05-08 18:55:41
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Written By ucr0-vision-hosting 296 Hits Last Updated 2013-10-02 01:11:22

I got an idea for the x-ray mode for spectators while I was watching the game between Quantic and VG on de_inferno at ESEA Season 13 which I missed while it was live.

You know how in-game you can never be completely certain that your flash stunned the enemy unless you see them running off to some cover or a very dumb spot or spraying after the flash has been thrown. With HE grenades you can sometimes hear when you hit the enemy with it but most of the time you don't know how much damage your HE grenade did until you're dead and you can check the damage report from the console. That's all a fun part of the game. But spectators, those who aren't playing the game and are only there to watch others play while getting as much information as fast as possible about what's going on. My suggestion would give more useful information to the spectators faster.

So this is the idea I got from watching that game between VeryGames and Quantic Gaming. Add a glow over players while they're flashed or getting hurt by a molotov or a grenade when the spectator is using the X-ray mode.

To get a better picture of what I'm thinking of, I made 2 images.
Here the player on B site is flashed:
flashed player

Here the player is takin damage from a grenade:
damaged player

Not the most high resolution pictures but I think you should be able to understand what I mean.

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    That glow should be more visible.