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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
If you have a Kevlar, the Kevlar+Helmet still costs 1000, block-text inside, detailed like it should be.
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1612 Closed Heads-Up Display Defect Poor Experience 2013-08-23 05:48:47
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Written By umcscubrick 2917 Hits Last Updated 2013-10-02 01:11:22

The guy before me who posted this bug, didn't write anything here, so let me begin:

First of all, there are 2 situations, 1 where the bug occurs, and 1 when this thing works as it supposed to work, but still there's a graphical glitch.

There are 2 things to look upon, the graphical display bug, and the mechanic bug itself.
The graphical display bug is always occurring, showing 1000$, regardless of what situation are you in.

I've tested it both in-game with other players and with bots and here are the results:
You buy kevlar, alright, everything's fine.
You want to buy the Kevlar + Helmet, when already owning a Kevlar, this should be 350$ instead of 1000$
After owning a Kevlar, the two situations are
1. If you have OVER 1000$, and you attempt to purchase the Kevlar+Helmet, you will be charged 350.
So far it's correct, except the graphical bug, which still shows 1000$
2. Now the second one, if you have UNDER 1000$ (but still over 350$ obviously), you cannot buy the Kevlar+Helmet at all, it still shows 1000$ (as the graphical glitch is always occurring, as stated above), it should of been purchasable for 350$, and it should show 350$.

So, what has to be fixed?
In the first situation, you have to make the Buy Menu graphical bug to show 350$ (1000$-650$, because already owning a Kevlar)
And in the second situation, you have to make the same correction with the one above PLUS actually allowing you to purchase if you have UNDER 1000$.

So if you want to test this by yourself, all you have to do, go offline with bots -> competitive -> bot_kick -> bot_add_ct / bot_add_t so you can be 1v1 to do it quickly -> the first round buy the Kevlar -> kill the bot -> the second round buy anything so you drop your money between 350 and 1000 and you'll notice you cannot buy the Kevlar + Armor -> third round kill the bot, have 1000$+ and you can afford the Kevlar+armor, charging you for the 350$, but it still shows 1000$

I hope I've made myself clear enough.
I have put the Severity on Blocks Playability, it's not however that harsh, but still is frustrating having to deal with this thing every round.
I hope it gets fixed soon!

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    Alright now THIS is a good explanation! I just tested it and can confirm it.

    This ONLY applies to the buy menu. If you buy kevlar + helmet via console command it is working fine. Therefore doesn't block playability, because you have a workaround.
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      • umcscubrick
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    Anyway, this is the thing that should be fixed. It's frustrating to deal with it every round.
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      • rajan
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    ~ for console
    buy vesthelm
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    Update 9/19/2013:
    - Fixed the buy menu not allowing players to buy a helmet+vest when they had a vest but not enough to buy the helmet+vest.
    Status: Open -> Closed