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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
New Interp Bug should be removed
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1236 Closed Achievements and Stats Defect Poor Experience 2013-02-11 05:34:01
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Written By jope 3097 Hits Last Updated 2013-10-02 01:11:22

Steps to Reproduce the Problem:

New CS:GO Interp bug after the old one was fixed.

1. If you write cl_updaterate +128 and cl_cmdrate +128 in your config or console you will have new interp bug.

Expected or Desired Behavior:

If you use the two commands you will be able to play with that interp bug.
You make headshots while you are not shooting on the head hitbox. You will have a ping of (1) on league servers. But it is also possible to set the ping with that interp bug that nobody will be able to see the difference and you ping stay normal.

If anybody want to see it just watch my short clip on youtube i made last night:

Additional Relevant Information that could be helpful to address this issue:

i really hoped it will be fixed soon by valve with a new update and people will not be able to play in leagues with that bug too.
As example:

Thanks for listen.

If anybody want to post it on steamforums just give me a credit.

best regards,


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      • micronn
      • 41
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    Ahh, thats why I can't kill people in proper head because they are playing all with +128 without a strange ping in scoreboard.

    It needs to be fixed in Wednesday!
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      • cs_c0de
      • 121
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    I have run in to this exact bug a few times here recently and it makes it very hard to play against.

    I would think that it should be fairly easy to set certain variables to only accept numerical values.

    Besides, if most of these netcode settings are smart enough to auto-adjust themselves to the correct values as long as the max value is entered, then there seems to me to be no reason for these variables to be changed by the end user.

    Maybe one solution is to lock off these variables (cl_updaterate and cl_cmdrate) and set them to a max value of 128.
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      • aikanaro
      • 2
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    It's easy to tell who uses +128 rates because their ping on the server (only in tablescore) is 1 or 5. After checking ping in console u will get his real ping to the server and if it's not 10m or less then he is using +128 rates.
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      • enro-griffins-del1ve
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    pls push the steam thread!
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      • deepii
      • 48
      • 10
    Update 2/13/13:
    * Fixed an interpolation exploit with bogus update rates.