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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Support for 21:9 aspect ratio monitors - menu is taller than screen size.
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1415 Open In-Game Menus Defect Blocks Playability 2013-05-08 08:18:17
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Written By jakobx 1010 Hits Last Updated 2014-12-10 15:49:48

Steps to Reproduce the Problem:
1. Select your native resolution (2560x1080 in my case) in display settings. Same problem is probably also observed in eyefinity or nvidia surround configurations.
2. Click apply
3. Menu is rendered incorrectly and you cannot change settings anymore or join a game.

(can still join operation playback because the link is on the start page)

Expected or Desired Behavior:

-Menu should fit on the screen (Bottom parts of the menu are not visible). Also menu should be navigable by keyboard (tab to move to next option, enter to confirm).
-21:9 aspect ratio should be available in display properties.

Additional Relevant Information that could be helpful to address this issue:
(Examples: Operating System, Processor, Video Card.)

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      • jakobx
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    UPDATED: still broken in latest version
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      • deepii
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    Update 8/21/2013:
    - Fixed Main Menu for 21x9 monitors.
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      • PortalZero
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    It's now almost 2015 and there are still some problems with this resolution (2560x1080).
    The main menu is OK now, but ingame the scoreboard and the "escape"-menu don't fit the screen. It's also not possible to select the "Spectate" button when choosing a team. However the HUD and main menu are correctly rendered.

    To me, it looks like the game renders the overlay (scoreboard, esc-menu) based on the horizontal resolution. Which is in our case 2560. A normal 16:9 screen has then 1440 pixels horizontally, but our 21:9 only has 1080 thus the lower menu-items are chopped off our screen.

    Status: Closed -> Open
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      • Akiiras
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    Bump! 21:9 is not supported. Several features in the UI falls too far down to reach within the screen. Extremely annoying for the crowd who game on a cinematic screen of any kind. 3D renders as should however.
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      • killerspanac
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    Same problem here.